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Do you need a review of your existing pension arrangements?Are you worried about sufficient income when you retire?

Are you worried that your existing pensions might not be performing well enough?

Many older style pensions were taken out at a time when investment choice was limited. to a balanced, property, with profits or equity fund.  This along with sometimes high charges and a lack of active management after the pension was sold has lead to a large number of pensions that have not performed well.

If pensions are not reviewed and well managed on a regular basis, you may not achieve the financial security you expect in retirement.

Research has shown that investments in most pension plans are not actively managed by a financial adviser, with suitable asset allocation or thought to your attitude to investment risk.  Many people are not getting value for money by paying higher charges for the most basic of administration.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of these problems with their pension funds and even less would have the time or knowledge to do anything about it.

This is where we can help by

  • Establishing what you want to achieve and what you need for a comfortable retirement
  • Then assessing your current situation
  • Reviewing your options and making recommendations and
  • Implementing and regularly reviewing your plan

We can make sure you maintain control of your pension which will give you the best chance of securing the income you need in retirement.

It maybe possible to enhance performance of your pension by:

  • Having a professional review of your plan on a regular basis.
  • Developing a pension strategy using correct asset allocation based on your own attitude to risk.
  • Making sure the charges on your pension remain competitive and appropriate.

Booking a review is easy, we can visit your practice/home or you are very welcome to visit our office.  Please contact either Paul Haines or Martin Haines on 01489 890111 for a free no obligation discussion about our service.

DFA discussed with me my retirement strategy, and my attitude to investment risk, and provided a tailor-made plan for managing my pension fund. Very importantly, a quarterly performance review with investment recommendations and suggested rebalancing moves allows me to manage my investments while maximising gains. Previously I had just paid the monthly premium and left the pension company to get on with it. I now feel much more in control of my own money and value the unbiased and independent advice of DFA.

George Anderson, BDS Lond 1969, LDS RCS Eng 1969
Anderson & Leong, Croydon

As with many dentists reaching a certain age, I was very concerned with the effect of the current financial market on my pension contributions. I was therefore very grateful to the team at Dental Financial Associates for involving me in their Pension Performance Review Service.
Their advisers analysed my pensions in detail and, based on my attitude to investment risk, drew up a bespoke report which allowed us to agree on a retirement strategy.
I now have peace of mind with a fully diversified pension portfolio which I can manage and rebalance every quarter as a result of a detailed report with recommendations which I receive directly from DFA, who I know understand my personal requirements.
I am delighted with DFA’s unbiased and independent view and the returns they have helped me to achieve. Their fees are clear and I now feel I am on track for a much more financially secure retirement.

Dr Ewa Rozwadowska, BDS B’ham
Principal Dental Surgeon. Confident Dental Care, Stroud

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