Financial Planning for dentists

Our service has one over-arching aim - to make your life more financially secure with all the benefits that this can bring.

Our approach

We look at your current financial circumstances and ongoing needs to provide you with a detailed and tailored financial plan that covers your:

  • Assets and liabilities;
  • Income and expenditure;
  • Protection;
    • Life cover;
    • Critical illness cover;
    • Income protection;
    • Private medical insurance
  • Savings, investments and pensions;
  • Retirement planning;
  • Inheritance tax planning; and
  • Bespoke practice planning

We will integrate any existing arrangements you have in place into your financial plan and we will prepare an analysis to show any shortfalls or deficiencies in the areas highlighted above.  We can include spouses and partners in your financial plan.

In addition, we can give a full review of your dental practice.  We will look into bespoke practice planning, any ongoing issues and benchmarks. 

We approach financial planning differently

In our view true financial planning is ensuring:

  • your family is protected;
  • your practice is protected;
  • you are making good steps towards creating an income in retirement; and
  • you are able to create funds and/or capital.

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