About us


Welcome to Dental Financial Associates

Our aim is to develop a long term relationship with individuals and practices, providing support that can adapt to changing needs.

At DFA we offer Financial and Business Planning for Dentists.  We assess your personal financial plan in conjunction with the performance of your practice.

Through the development of a plan we can help you take your dental practice forward with the aim of achieving the lifestyle you deserve.

Financial Planning and Business Planning for Dentists.

We can help you achieve the lifestyle you deserve.

Financial planning, we believe, cannot be a one size fits all approach

If we can’t help in a given area, we almost certainly know a specialist company that could help you.  We have excellent relationships with associated companies such as Lawyers, Accountants, Business Planners and Coaches so that when necessary, we can connect you to the right people.

Our expert knowledge and understanding of so many different practices ensures that we are able to truly understand the possibilities and pressures of the dental sector. We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and efficient service, strengthened through the co-operation of many professional bodies.